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HypoDrive App

HypoDrive App

HypoDrive® have produced an iPhone and iPad app to help educate drivers, their friends and families about the responsibilities around driving with a health condition.

The HypoDrive® iPhone and iPad App contains a 10 minute video about Hypodrive® plus a series of 20 questions to test your understanding of the topic. The presentation in the video aims to give you an understanding of the very serious issues that can affect millions of people and can arise if you are experiencing hypoglycaemia or having a ‘hypo’ as it is commonly called.

We aim to raise awareness and educate about recognising and acting on the signs and symptoms of having a ‘hypo’ – these symptoms can include shaking, hunger, weakness, tearfulness, feeling light-headed, sweating, crying, blurred vision, headache, lacking concentration, behaviour change, tingly fingers or lips, and drowsiness.

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This app is currently available for free for the month of October

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Contact Details

PO Box 3369
Victoria Point West 4165

Phone: 0408 232 049