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HYPODRIVE® is a national educational awareness program and road safety initiative aimed at providing road safety education for individuals diagnosed with diabetes, in order to assist in reducing motor vehicle accidents and fatalities on Australian roads, simultaneously promoting healthy lifestyles and creating awareness among drivers.
HYPODRIVE® offers a unique and informative driver-training program that endeavours to educate road users diagnosed with diabetes about the possible dangers associated with the effective management of their diabetes.


  • “Does the driver examiner have a DUTY OF CARE to ALL learner drivers, to make sure the learner driver is FULLY aware of ALL the dangers of driving, such as those related to driving with a medical condition”?
  • “Does the Department of Transport and Main Roads have a DUTY OF CARE to ensure the examiner is working in a safe working environment”?
  • “Who is responsible under Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) if someone is injured or killed while a learner driver diagnosed with diabetes has a HYPO, while learning to drive or during an examination”? Considering that our learner drivers are required to do 100 hours (based on Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads) with either trained instructors/parents or friends.
  • “Do the driving instructors and/or examiners know what to do”? “How to treat a HYPO”?
  • “Do the driving instructors and/or examiners carry a HYPOKIT™ in their vehicle”?
  • “Do driving instructors and/or examiners check that the learner driver has checked his/her Blood Glucose Level (BGL) prior to starting the car”?

Remember “5 or greater to Drive”.

Driving instructors NEED to make sure the learner driver is FULLY aware of driving with a medical condition such as diabetes.

The learner drivers diagnosed with diabetes must prepare themselves for the extra challenges that they may face, while driving.

What HYPODRIVE® Offers

  • Educational seminars for business groups, work places, social groups, support groups, schools, hospitals, individuals, governments and awareness expo’s/seminars
  • Our HYPODRIVE® Mentor Driving Program offers free driving lessons for new and old drivers aimed at providing them with the necessary skills they will need in order to prepare themselves for the extra challenges they might face and how to control their vehicle in the event that they experience a hypoglyceamic or hyperglycaemic event.
  • Driving lessons given by selected instructors who are specially trained by medical staff and Transport Department Instructors
  • Stop HYPODRIVE® HYPOKITS™ are provided to all people who attend an educational session/talk, in order for them to carry it in their vehicles at all times
  • HYPODRIVE® HYPOKITS™ are available for purchase at various locations and the internet
  • Poster and brochures readily available for all medical facilities, doctor surgeries, chemists, hospitals, Main Roads Departments and Schools
  • Access to qualified multi-disciplinary health professionals, specialists and support groups

Benefits of HYPODRIVE®

  • A unique road safety initiative
  • A complex and innovative program that aims to identify and educate high-risk drivers
  • A creative and informative approach towards addressing the dangers associated with the mismanagement of medical conditions
  • Not only improving the health and safety of employees whilst working, but also improving their lifestyle behaviours and outcomes, thus minimising down time and maximising health benefits
  • Being able to transfer, tailor and deliver this program to suit various areas of Australia, including remote areas and the urban environment
  • Providing access to highly trained medical personnel
  • Being able to identify other underlying medical conditions among drivers and provide access to treatment accordingly
  • High risk personnel will receive a free follow-up check 3 months following the initial education session and will have ongoing access to HYPODRIVE® staff and personnel as required
  • Reduce insurance claims associated with traffic accidents
  • Lower the death toll on Australian roads
  • Gain respect and recognition from the general public and employees for involvement in the program

Contact Details

PO Box 3369
Victoria Point West 4165

Phone: 0408 232 049