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HYPODRIVE® is a national educational awareness program and road safety initiative aimed at providing road safety education for individuals diagnosed with diabetes or existing diabetics. The aim of the program is to assist with the reduction of motor vehicle accidents and fatalities on Australian roads, simultaneously promoting healthy lifestyles and creating awareness among drivers. Even though this program focuses on people with diabetes, it is also useful for anyone diagnosed with any medical condition, along with their family and friends.


Committed to being a leader in road safety education for individuals diagnosed with diabetes, in order to reduce motor vehicle accidents and fatalities on Australian roads, simultaneously promoting healthy lifestyles and creating awareness among drivers.


To offer a unique and informative driver training program that endeavours to educate road users diagnosed with diabetes about the possible dangers associated with ineffective management of their medical condition.


HYPODRIVE® evolved due to tragic circumstances when founder, Sharon Whitchurch, was involved in a head-on car crash whilst on her way to work in 2006. Investigations revealed that the crash was the result of a driver experiencing a hypoglycaemic episode – a condition where blood glucose levels drop below 4mmol/L, whereby cognitive functions can be impaired. With only a 1% chance of survival, 45 operations later and years of rehabilitation, Sharon was informed that the driver who crashed into her had diabetes. Further inquiries into the situation highlighted that there is no formal driving education provided to people diagnosed with diabetes or medical conditions that have the potential to affect their driving ability. In order to create awareness and prevent this from happening to anyone else, Sharon researched and developed HYPODRIVE®.

HYPODRIVE® was officially launched in October 2009.

In 2011, HYPODRIVE® was awarded the WINNER of the Caltex Encouragement Award in Australian Road Safety Awards – Innovation, along with WINNER of the Queensland Road Safety Award – Community Award – CARRSQ RACQ.

What We Offer

  • Educational seminars for business groups, social groups, support groups, schools, hospitals, individuals, governments and awareness expo’s/seminars etc.
  • Our HYPODRIVE® MENTOR DRIVING PROGRAM offers free driving lessons for new and old drivers on what you need to do and how to control a vehicle during a hypo or hyper episode, given by selected instructors who are specially trained by medical staff and Transport Department Instructors.
  • HYPOKITS™ are given out free of charge to people with diabetes who attend a talk that are to be carried in their vehicles at all times. HYPOKITS™ are also available for purchase through your local LIONS CLUB and various other locations. Please contact us to find out where your nearest location is.
  • Posters and brochures for dissemination at all medical facilities, doctor’s offices, chemists, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Links to support groups
  • Access to medical staff, specialists and diabetes educators